MPI Women's Leadership Virtual Summit

Date: April 24, 2019

Time: 11:00AM - 02:15PM

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Women ​play ​key ​roles ​in ​the ​hospitality ​and ​meeting ​industries, ​but ​many ​of ​us ​find ​it ​challenging ​to ​move ​into ​leadership ​positions, ​find ​our ​distinct ​career ​paths ​and ​balance ​our ​work ​and ​professional ​lives. ​This ​virtual ​summit ​is ​designed ​for ​people ​of ​all ​genders ​who ​support ​MPI’s ​community ​of ​women ​and ​who ​want ​to ​discover ​new ​and ​emerging ​tools ​for ​creating ​successful ​pathways ​to ​leadership ​for ​the ​women ​in ​our ​industry. ​Our ​educational ​line-up ​includes ​the ​following ​amazing ​speakers ​and ​sessions.

Managing Up: Driving Change with Senior Management 

As ​we ​advance ​in ​our ​careers, ​our ​expertise ​in ​a ​targeted ​area ​can ​often ​create ​blinders ​to ​the ​bigger ​picture ​of ​our ​organization ​and ​pigeon ​hole ​us ​into ​our ​current ​position. ​Having ​a ​general ​understanding ​of ​business ​and ​financial ​drivers ​will ​not ​only ​help ​us ​understand ​what ​keeps ​our ​bosses ​up ​at ​night, ​but ​it ​will ​help ​us ​feel ​more ​confident ​in ​executive-level ​situations. ​Succinct ​communication ​and ​managing ​our ​bosses ​are ​also ​key ​components ​of ​our ​career ​advancement. ​ ​We ​will ​discuss ​how ​to ​craft ​effective ​messages ​and ​drive ​the ​decisions ​we ​need. ​ ​


  • Understand ​the ​best ​strategy ​for ​connecting ​with ​senior ​stakeholders
  • Gain ​confidence ​in ​being ​understood ​by ​your ​company’s ​leaders, ​and ​obtain ​the ​resources ​your ​team ​needs
  • Create ​a ​framework ​for ​a ​business ​case ​and ​a ​cost/benefit ​analysis

Your Personal Brand Makes You Exceptional

It ​used ​to ​be ​that ​your ​reputation ​in ​school ​was ​focused ​on ​what ​you ​wore ​and ​who ​you ​hung ​out ​with... ​

Now, ​that ​personal ​brand ​is ​all ​about ​how ​you ​perform ​on ​the ​job, ​and ​what ​you ​do ​best ​in ​a ​way ​that ​conveys ​value ​to ​potential ​business ​partners, ​customers, ​or ​even ​employers. ​ ​This ​session, ​lead ​by ​career ​management ​coach ​Dawn ​Rasmussen, ​CMP, ​will ​guide ​you ​through ​developing ​and ​honing ​this ​brand ​and ​understanding ​how ​and ​where ​to ​put ​that ​brand ​out ​there ​to ​the ​greater ​universe.


  • Develop ​a ​compelling ​brand ​that ​articulates ​your ​value ​proposition
  • Learn ​how ​to ​integrate ​it ​into ​your ​work ​persona
  • Discover ​which ​social ​media ​platforms ​are ​important ​for ​conveying ​that ​personal ​brand

Serving Her: Servant Leadership Strategies for Women's Success

Articulate ​the ​case ​for ​servant ​leadership ​as ​it ​relates ​to ​mitigating ​common ​challenges ​women ​face ​in ​the ​workplace. ​


  • Articulate ​the ​case ​for ​servant ​leadership ​as ​it ​relates ​to ​mitigating ​common ​challenges ​women ​face ​in ​the ​workplace. ​
  • Describe ​specific ​servant ​leadership ​tactics ​that ​can ​be ​used ​to ​overcome ​these ​issues.
  • Gain ​access ​to ​resources ​(infographic ​and ​pre-defined ​social ​posts) ​that ​can ​be ​used ​to ​continue ​the ​conversation ​with ​your ​network.
  • Kerisha High-Parker, Meeting Professionals International
  • Annette Gregg, CMM, MBA, Senior Vice President, Experience, Meetings Professionals International, Meeting Professionals International
  • Dawn Rasmussen, CMP, President, Résumé writer, Author, Speaker, Pathfinder Writing and Career Services
  • Melissa Majors, CEO, Melissa Majors Consulting
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