Meetings and Events Psychology: What’s Going On In Their Heads 03.27.2020

Date: March 27, 2020

Time: 06:00AM - 07:00AM

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Most of us learn about a few psychological principles and models at school and college and then forget about it. But all those concepts actually offer meeting planners and event organizers a wealth of valuable hints and tips that are easily applied. The results: higher attendances, happier delegates, better results, and a much higher RoI. Want to know more? Come and join this webinar

Learner Outcomes 

1. Some of the basic models of psychology to meetings and events

2. Analyze and review marketing and promotional material to attract bigger, better audiences

3. Apply relevant models to meetings and event design for better results

  • Richard John, Richard John, C.O.O. Realise Me, MD RJA GB Ltd, Realise