Learn How to De-Stress Naturally 03.20.2020

Date: March 20, 2020

Time: 11:00AM - 12:00PM

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The EIC does not give clock hours for this particular webinar, but it is a phenomenal meditation and breathing exercise to de-stress!!

Learn how practices such as bringing awareness to the present moment, working with your breath and doing simple movements at your desk can move you out of stress and into a mind like water-- also commonly known as "the zone." Mindfulness practices can help you create the space to be efficient without the stress. And the tools of yoga, such as a quick breathing exercise, can help you shift your mood in just 5 minutes from chaotic to calm. Join Jeska as she shares scientifically-proven methods to create a mind that works FOR you instead of against you so you can optimize your performance at work and feel great, too!

Learner Outcomes 

1. Learn to differentiate between good stress & bad stress and how to transform bad stress into good stress

throughout your daily life

2. Improve your focus and concentration naturally

3. Discover three practices for self-mastery that will automatically change your state in under 5 minutes

  • Jeska Brodbeck, Corporate Speaker and Coach/Creator of the Mindful Performance Training, Be Light Consulting