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education from the MPI Academy

MPI is the meeting and event industry’s home for education, enabling meeting professionals around the world in their quest to host meetings that matter for communities, organizations, businesses, NGOs and governments. 

Given current circumstance and the impact of the Novel Coronavirus, the MPI ACADEMY HAS REMOVED ALL COSTS AND FEES associated with the following courses and classes in an effort to help our entire community of members and non-members navigate the current business environment, make decisions on behalf of your organizations and provide business continuity and strategy in the face of great challenge. 

In addition to these sessions, the MPI Academy has UNLOCKED ALL ON-DEMAND EDUCATION FOR THE INDUSTRY COMMUNITY. 

We'll get through this ... together.

Breaking Barriers: Budget & Cost Savings Strategies
Speaker: Robyn Mietkiewicz

Breaking Through: Engagement Strategies for Digital Participants
Speaker: Jeff Hurt

Contract Strategies for the Evolving Marketplace
Speaker: Cheryl Payne

Coronavirus Dialogue Series: Building a Lean & Agile Business
Speaker: Tracy Judge

Coronavirus Dialogue Series: Crisis Communications Coronavirus Edition
Speaker: Alex Plaxen

Coronavirus Dialogue Series: Cybersecurity & Events - More Important Than Ever
Speaker: Brandt Krueger

Coronavirus Dialogue Series: How to Create Videos & Content that are Needed When Your Audience is Anxious & Overwhelmed
Speaker: Antoine Dupont

Coronavirus Dialogue Series: How to Convert Your In-Person Event into a Virtual Event
Speaker: Will Curan

Coronavirus Dialogue Series: Is it Force Majeure? Dealing with Coronavirus and Other Calamaties in Your Contracts
Speaker: John Foster

Coronavirus Dialogue Series: Taking Back Control on Covid19 and Revenue Generation
Speaker: Ciara Feely

Easy Money: Sponsorship and Pricing Best Practices for Virtual
Speaker: Patrick Reilly

Event Design: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using #EventCanvas
Speakers: Renita Carter, Ruud Janssen & Amanda M Larson

How Meeting Planners Can Change the World
Speaker: Kristi Casey Sanders

How to Create And Launch Your Virtual Summit In 90 Days
Speaker: James Taylor

How to Generate New Business Leads
Speaker: Ciara Feely

How to Hybrid: Your Guide to Taking Your Events Online (30 minutes)
Speaker: Jessie States

How to Hybrid: Your Guide to Taking Your Events Online (1 hour)
Speaker: Jessie States

How to Keep Up with Change in the Meeting Industry
Speaker: Michelle Rozen, PhD

How to Market Yourself and Communicate Your Value Effectively
Speaker: Michelle Rozen, PhD

Maximize ROI of ANY Event and Capture It!
Speaker: Scott Davis

Risk Management: Band-Aids to Bad Guys
Speaker: Alan Kleinfeld

Risk Management: Strategy or Simply Compliance?
Speakers: Vicki Hawarden & Lorna Bainbridge

Safety and Security: It’s Everyone’s Business
Speaker: David DuBois

Social Media 201: Content Curation, Time Management and Audience Engagement
Speaker: Hector Olguin

Tech Specs: The Ultimate Guide to Digital Event Requirements
Speaker: Stephanie Pfeilsticker

The Post-Covid 19 Future of the Global Meetings and Events Industry
Speaker: Fiona Pelham