Ciara Feely

Inspirer, Conference Converter

Ciara is the author of a book on “how to WIN” and a key subject matter expert for MPI on hotel and agency revenue growth. Described as an International Black-Belt in Conference Sales, Ciara shows teams how to be leaders in the sales process. She brings her warm Irish welcome to every workshop she runs. Ciara works with senior directors of sales teams and shows them how to help their team drive more profitable revenue.

Having been a hotelier for 10 years she identifies with the sales side of this business. She also was on the buying side of the event business for 12 years. Once she became a buyer, she realized she had been trained to sell from the hotel's point of view. The client thinks and buys in a very different way. If you are interested in the "buyers perspective" and are responsible for driving revenue growth, attend Ciara's interactive workshops.